About Us

Are you looking for a good investment in one of the best locations in the Alps with snow guaranteed all year long?

Is skiing your passion? Are you looking for a place to enjoy your hobbies all year long, maybe joining the local ski club?

An apartment in Cervinia is always a good investment, no matter if you want to use it yourself or rent it out. Our 30 year experience and studies on real estate marketing show that tourism is a market that isn’t influenced by the economical crisis and it proves that investing in tourism is a safe revenue-generating investment.

Why to buy an apartment in Cervinia?

For economic reasons: to buy a house in Cervinia it’s a good investment for both the short and the long term. Moreover, the possibility of renting it out easily, even just for a few weeks, can be a good way to pay back the investment in a shorter period.

The propriety market has always kept a constant growth. The two examples below speaks for themselves:

  • Three bedroom apartment near downtown bought in 1989 for 270.000.000 Lires was sold in 2017 for 440.000 Euros.
  • Two bedroom apartments bought in 2015 for 270.000 Euros is now worth Euro 400.000,00 and it’s rented weekly for an income of Euro 13.000 – 16.000 per year.

Because we all love Cervinia. Cervinia is one of the most appreciated winter location in the Alps: for its slopes, altitude, panoramic views, the three valleys connection, for the link with Zermatt; simply a ski paradise: the Matterhorn ski Paradise. Because Cervinia is glamourous: for many having a holiday house in Cervinia is also a status symbol, something to be proud of with family members, colleagues and friends. Nothing makes you feel better than hosting the people you love in one of the most exclusive location in the Alps.

Because it’s so handy: For who’s used to ski at weekends, having an apartment is the easiest solution. It means having a home way from home with all your belongings and ski gears always warm and waiting for you. Forget about packing, just get in your car and drive up home. Your kids can join the local ski club and meet constantly with their friends after skiing. Definitely better than a hotel:more comfort, lowest prices and total freedom.

Why to buy a house with us?

Compared to other real estates companies, we have the largest apartment selection in downtown and we do our best to taking extra care of them and you. In so many years we’ve always been appreciated for our reliability and trustworthiness.

We work with dedication, paying special attention to all the trade phases: from the first negotiations to the final deed. We are keen to show you a variety of offers to always compare your choice with other similar apartments. We know how difficult can be going through the decisional process and we are glad to follow you through the whole process to help you realize your dream always keeping an eye on the best investment strategies. After the investment, if you decide to get some income from it, we can help you renting it out for a week, a season or a year.

We are associated with the FIAIP ‘Italian Federation of Professional real Estates Companies’ and we guarantee the respect of the code of conduct signed by the associates.